Messages Sent On WhatsApp Can Now Be Edited

WhatsApp Now Allows Editing of Messages

WhatsApp has finally added the feature people have been waiting for so long. A feature called “Edit Message” has been rolled out to users by the company. Currently, this feature is available to some users on the app, but everyone will soon have access to it.

Update the app on Google Playstore if you don’t see the edit message option on whatsapp.

Using this feature, users will be able to edit messages that were incorrectly typed or incompletely sent. However, there is a time limit.

WhatsApp allows you to edit messages sent only 15 minutes ago. Editing a message after this time will not be possible. To avoid turning back from their statements, the company imposed this time limit. Any message can be edited at any time if there is no time limit.

‘Edited messages’ will also be encrypted end-to-end, just like calls, messages and media. The front user will see the message as edited, but the edit history won’t be visible to him or her. In order to edit a message, you must tap and hold it for a long time. You will then see the option to edit the message.

Recently, this feature was added to the WhatsApp App.

WhatsApp also introduced a chat lock feature for its users. Users can lock their personal chats using the chat lock feature.

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