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Lead Generation Services

Choose The Organic Marketing for Lead Generation Services:

Lead generation involves acquiring potential customers for your business and developing them into regular customers. Despite its developments, this procedure remains a vital component of any business. The growth of your business relies heavily on Lead Generation. We at The Organic Marketing are dedicated to generating quality leads for startup businesses and large corporations and giving you the tools to succeed.

Here is why you should shake hands with us for Lead Generation Services:

  • An ethical team of experts with competence.
  • Drive traffic from high-quality prospects.
  • Expansion of the market in no time.
  • Your brand visibility will shine.
  • Your revenue will escalate.
  • A solid business foundation is guaranteed.
  • Timely delivery of projects.

How do we Generate Leads?

Facebook Campaign

Being one of the most popular social media platforms, Facebook offers huge opportunities for generating qualified leads for a brand or business. Our team uses Facebook lead ads to perform market research, get customer responses, and increase qualified leads for a particular product or service. Using Facebook lead ads, we will allow you to capture customer details and work further on converting them into actual leads.

Instagram Campaign

With more than 1 billion active users, Instagram is also an excellent social media channel for attracting new customers. By targeting audiences based on their location, age, interests, etc., you can generate organic leads. We at The Organic Marketing use different techniques such as creating ads, adding CTAs, adding links, incorporating hashtags, etc, to capture leads for your business, product, or services.

YouTube Campaign

YouTube also gives immense opportunities to brands to convert prospects into leads. Due to a higher viewership, Youtube lead generation is essential for a business that wishes to reach online. In order to help you grow your business, we implement effective lead generation campaigns and use lead form ads to attract more and more customers to your brand. We offer all types of services thus helping you to grow your company.

Audience Research

Lead generation is highly important for any business or brand. However, when it comes to generating effective leads, the role of audience research becomes imperative. In order to conduct proper audience research, The Organic Marketing team analyzes a group of individuals that could be potential customers in order to determine their size, preferences, and characteristics.

Targeted Location

The target location is an effective strategy to tap into customers across a particular location. With the help of Location targeting, our team selects specific locations where your lead generation campaigns will be displayed. Moreover, using target location, our dedicated lead generation team can reach potential customers based on the selected region.

Keywords Research

Using the right keywords, a brand can qualify huge leads. Using our keyword research services at The Organic Marketing, we can help you tap into the power of SEO to discover your potential customers that can be converted into leads. By performing quality keyword analysis services, we also curate the best B2B lead generation services that are set to shoot up your conversions in no time.

Pricing Plan


Rs 5000/-
  • 1 Creative Poster
  • 10 Days Campaign
  • 40-80+ Leads
  • Analyzing Target Audience
  • 100% Verified Leads
  • Targeted Location
  • Keyword Research
  • Create Lead Generation Form


Rs 10000/-
  • 1 Creative Poster
  • 20 Days Campaign
  • 100-150+ Leads
  • Analyzing Target Audience
  • 100% Verified Leads
  • Targeted Location
  • Keyword Research
  • Create Lead Generation Form


Rs 15000/-
  • 1 Creative Poster
  • 1 Month Campaign
  • 180-250+ Leads
  • Analyzing Target Audience
  • 100% Verified Leads
  • Targeted Location
  • Keyword Research
  • Create Lead Generation Form

The Importance of Lead Generation

Brand awareness

In other words, lead generation does not directly correlate with your brand's identity, but it definitely works in your brand's favor. Using effective lead generation techniques, a business can drive interested people and convert them into sales. This not only improves sales but also allows them to make people aware of their brand. As a result, both of these techniques can be used simultaneously.

Escalates Your Sales

One of the significant impacts that Lead Generation has is on your sales. If done in the right manner it can work as a charm to escalate your business sales. By using the right messaging, the right technique, and the content to generate leads, you can make it easier for sales to convert them. Therefore, the higher the quality of leads, the greater the chances of converting them into sales.

Continuous Growth

If you want your business to continuously scale and grow, it becomes essential to keep your lead generation pipeline full. Thus, to ensure that your business continuously grows and expands, you must reach out to more people who may be potential buyers and generate their interest in your product or service via lead generation.


Lead generation, regardless of where your customers are geographically located, will help you better target them by collecting information about their needs and preferences. This can assist you in tailoring your product or service offering to their wants, needs, and interests. Therefore, using lead generation you can easily customize your audience’s interest and target them accordingly.

Business Opportunities

Lead generation is useful for more than just finding prospects. It may also offer more business opportunities in other locations as well. You may also get invitations for collaborations from non-competing brands which can be more helpful for you to gain more leads. Thus, lead generation can also help you tap into other useful business opportunities.

Market Expansion

You most likely target a specific group of people when you first start a business. However, is this the only industry you should target or you can expand more? Lead generation allows you to learn more about your prospective customers, helping you expand your target market. With this useful service, you have the opportunity to expand into new markets that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

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