A Guide to X Verified Organizations

Verified Organizations on X: What You Need to Know

All types of organizations–businesses, non-profits, and governmental institutions–can sign up for X Verified Organizations and manage their verification together. For businesses and non-profits, Verified Organizations will feature a gold checkmark and square avatar, and for governments and multilateral organizations, a grey checkmark and circular avatar. Any individual or entity associated with an organization can also be affiliated with it. In addition to verification (marking an affiliated account with either a blue, gold, or gray checkmark), affiliate badges are displayed next to their checkmark, displaying an image of the parent company. Users can click or press this badge to directly access the affiliated organization, increasing your X following across your network.

Companies, for example, may affiliate their brands, support handles, leadership, employees, or teams. Governments may affiliate their precincts, officials, or other entities. An organization has no limit as to how many affiliates it can have, or to whom it may affiliate (as long as they are related). If all government organizations and government individuals sign up for Verified Organizations, they will receive a grey checkmark and affiliate badge.

With X new verification tool, organizations have full control over their X Xpresence. By subscribing, organizations can access it. Affiliates must accept an invitation and double opt-in for verification to be received. There is no restriction on affiliates adding or removing accounts.

In addition to the $1,000 monthly subscription (plus taxes), each additional affiliate will be charged $50 per month (plus taxes). Prices may vary by region.


Organizers and their affiliates can enhance their presence on X by becoming X Verified Organizations. Your main account, spokespeople and subsidiary accounts will be verified and differentiated by gold and grey checkmarks, square avatars, and custom affiliation badges.

The Portal for Verified Organizations

An organization can add or remove affiliated accounts using the X Verified Organization portal, and any network member who accepts an invitation to affiliate receives an immediate verification status. For example, new employees, a new movie franchise, or a recent change in a professional sports team could be a good example.


Your organization’s champions can now be affiliated with X so everyone knows where they work, giving your organization the best marketing possible. Each time an affiliate Tweets, sends a Direct Message, or appears in search, they see a small image of their organization’s X profile picture.

A member you invite to affiliate must accept your invitation. These can be leaders in your organization, journalists, politicians, sub-brands, athletes, sports teams, franchisees, customer service, products, and so on.

Custom Organization Profile

Businesses that are verified receive several customizations to their profile, including gold checkmarks and square avatars. A new tab appears next to the Tweets tab on all Verified Organization accounts, displaying all affiliated accounts. By creating affiliation badges and using the affiliation tab, visitors can find all the affiliated accounts in one place by clicking on the badge of an affiliate.

Premium Support

X Verified Organizations have access to Premium Support. When an organization experiences issues, such as affiliate removal, onboarding, or addition, billing, or impersonation, they can reach out to X Premium Support, and X team will provide timely support and escalate the issue.

How to apply for X Verified Organization?

  1. Complete the sign-up form and list your eligibility criteria.
  2. Provide your payment information.
  3. Your account will be reviewed by the X team.
  4. Your account must be approved before affiliated accounts can be added.
  5. Your account will be verified immediately after approval, allowing you to add affiliations.

The X Verified Organizations platform is only available to organizations (non-profits, businesses, governments, and multilateral organizations). Personal accounts cannot be created on Verified Organizations. Refunds will not be given to individuals who sign up for Verified Organizations but are not organizations.

Criteria for eligibility

  • When signing up, organizations must provide an active X account, an email address for their organization, and a domain name for their website.
  • When you activate your new subscription, you will be required to authenticate your account.
  • A government email address (eg “.gov”) is required for government organizations.
  • X may need more information from you.


While the subscription fee for Verified Organizations may seem steep, the benefits of verification and access to premium support could be worth the investment for larger organizations. It provides increased brand recognition, credibility, and control over the verification process. Ultimately, the decision to subscribe to X Verified Organizations depends on an organization’s goals, resources, and priorities.

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